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Grand Circle Road Trip Outfit Diaries |美西环线8日旅行衣箱

Look 1 Fila x Urban Outfitters sweatshirt: here (size up if you want to look more casual!). Shop the full collection here. Alexander Wang denim shorts: here or here,  similar here. Gentle Monster sunglasses: here or here Prada plexi ribbon bag: here or here. Adidas gazelle sneakers: here or here (size down 1/2 size)

Olympic Photo Diary | 长周末三日 Olympic国家公园游记 + 穿搭录

This passed long weekend, some friends and I went to the Olympic National Park in Seattle. We had the greatest time! It was so beautiful, and hiking left us all useless for a few days but all the same time super happy and healthy. I thought today I could share how I packed for the trip and the looks that are both practical AND chic for a moderate hike in the mountains; some tips and tricks for you lovely ladies. 7月的第一个周末,我们去了西雅图Olympic National Park。 去国家公园这种大自然环境游玩的着装,和时髦的城市旅游、或悠闲的海岛度假肯定是完全不同的风格了。行李装备整体要走一个实用且精简的路线,在这基础上再做一些有型时髦的努力。 尤其是像我们这样正八经去hiking、每天一走就是十几公里的时候,穿搭上就更是要让步于轻便专业的运动登山服了。给大家看看我这次的行李打包,非常精炼朴素。 I packed two leggings, three tank tops, two tees, two sports bras and a jacket. I have my hiking shoes and laptop in my backpack. And that is it! 可以说是我今年出门短途旅行行李最轻便的一次了,带的几乎全部都是运动装。 两条运动leggings,两三件运动背心,两件T,两件tank,一件棒球外套用于路途中御寒。身上穿着一套既适合上班又适合机场休息的舒适服装,背包里背上登山鞋和电脑。轻轻松松出发啦! Sunglasses I just got from Quay. They are very lightweight and require lower maintenance. Last thing you want when you’re out there on the hiking trail is to worry about dropping them on a rock or, worse, losing them. 墨镜是在平价墨镜推荐 | 花小钱也可以拥有时髦新鲜的夏天中推荐的Quay,是的没错写完这一篇我自己就去买了两幅。去徒步爬山时带非常合适,轻便无负担又抗造,怎么磨擦摔打也不心疼。关键也够有型。