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Travel Diary | 冬季日本10天旅行搭配

Packing can be stressful. For trips longer than three days, the choice-making process is gonna involve some hair clutching and face pouting. I know how spoiled I am by L.A. weather, so when I was preparing my trip to Japan, I was totally gonna bring some Canadian Goose jackets. I even packed thermal leggings and absolutely no dresses. None. So imagine when I saw bare legs everywhere after I landed. Pure remorse. With all seriousness though, when you’re traveling, you definitely want to make sure that you will stay warm and comfortable, and yes, I really think that’s more important than looking pretty. Bear in mind that you want to have basics in your luggage so that you could create the most looks with the least items and still look not boring and presentable. Now, let’s see what I packed with me to Japan. 冬季旅行的衣装行李准备真的可以让人非常头疼,我深有体会。衣服又厚实又大件,两件外套几件毛衣就已经占领了一半的行李箱。如果你是像我这次去日本一样,有一周以上的冬季旅行,行李箱空间真的就是寸土寸金,要好好计划安排呢。不管你再怎么爱美,出门在外最重要的还是舒适轻松。衣装轻便,鞋子好走,这是首要条件。冬季时还要再加一条保暖。 我去之前查日本天气,基本都是3-8度的样子,10度以下的天气是什么概念啊?长居LA的我已经摸不准了,我想应该是很冷,大概需要穿一件加拿大鹅。所以我这次出去玩儿带的全部都是裤装,秋裤秋衣都带上了。到了那边才发现根本没有那么冷,除了有一天在箱根下雨真的感觉到了冷。其他大部分时间都是暖阳和煦,白天在阳光下甚至都穿不到大衣。光腿的姑娘到处都是,我也很后悔没带一条裙子。 如果你不想提着两个大箱子四处转机,那每件单品至少要能和其他单品重复搭配三次以上。百搭单品都比较基础,不怎么出挑,我懂,但出门在外不比在家里,能做到看起来舒服顺眼得体就很好了。 下面先讲讲我带的单品list。 毛衣(5件) Madewell striped sweater, Everlane white sweater, BLK DNM pink sweater(sold out, similar here or here), Topshop cable knit(sold out, similar here or here), Topshop orange sweater(sold out, similar here or here). Items with strips are …

Oregon Photo Diary | 俄勒冈图记

    Wearing: Nike sports bra:Here, similar here and here. Urban Outfitters denim shorts:Here, similar here and here. Quay sunglasses: sold out, similar here. Timberland Euro hiker boots:Here Updates from our little trip to Oregon during 4th of July is finally here! I honestly love Oregon and it’s probably my favorite state in the US, that’s right, even better than Cali! Crater lake is absolutely stunning! The view there is so spectacular that no words could ever describe. The photos doesn’t really do it 10% of justice. You really have to be there to see the magnificent blueness of the lake. It’s a very small national park but definitely so worth the trip! 两个月前的独立日小假期只有短短三天,我们利用这个时间飞了一趟俄勒冈。大家对俄勒冈这个州可能不是特别熟悉,但真的是我美国最喜欢的一个州了,甚至超过加州呢。这个州的风景实在是太美啦!火山,沙漠,森林,海洋,你想看的风景地貌在这个州都可以找到。而且风土人情也是非常淳朴友善,生活节奏也相对慢一些。