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Favorite Sunnies | 最爱的六款奢侈品牌墨镜总结

Celine 41755 If I’m to recommend you one pair and one pair only, it has to be the Celine 41755, which you have to go to a retail store and cannot shop online, but it’s the pair that will satisfy everything you could ask for. 如果我只能推荐一副墨镜,那就是这个连名字都没有,只有编号,而且在网上买不到,只能跑去实体店买的Celine 41755。 它是全黑色,设计硬朗简约,没有多余装饰,是可以搭配一切的墨镜基本款。人生第一副墨镜就该按照这个标准选。#墨镜届的白衬衫