Month: May 2015

Military Green

Free People dress(Old, similar here and here, love this one too! Also this super cute romper is on sale!) Urban Outfitters jacket(super old, similar here and here on sale with 40% off!) Isabel Marant jaeryn sandals(on sale with 30% off! more sizes available here) Proenza Schoulder PS11 classic bag (available here too and ships to China) Karen Walker super duper sunglasses 这个星期是非常忙碌的一周,天气倒是渐渐在变暖,但总也没什么精力打扮自己。即便是周末也不愿意多想,只想以简单轻便为主。 军绿色每年都会流行一阵子,和黑白色相处非常和谐,如果想走亮眼一点的路线则可以搭配橙色和红色,作为牛仔的替换色来说真的很容易穿出新鲜感。简单的白裙子如果已经搭配过牛仔外套和风衣,那换上军绿外套,就又是一条活路。衣柜常备一件军绿外套,和牛仔外套,棒球外套,皮衣一起可以说是春季外套四大巨头了。 It has been a super busy week and even on weekend all I can think of is relaxing and wearing the most comfy clothes. I have own this military jacket for ages and still it’s one of my favorite spring jackets. If I have wore the same white dress with denim jacket and also trench coat then before I get tired of it I’ll try pairing it with this military jacket. It’s just so versatile, and very casual but still can always give you a polished look.     Thank you for reading! 感谢大家阅读!        

Office Attire

Free People shirt (Sold out, similar here and here), Lovers+Friends jeans,  Acne Studios ankle boots,  Saint Laurent sac de jour carryall bag, Grey Ant sunglasses. Accessories: Elizabeth and James cuff bracelet, Vita Fede titan bracelet, Sarah Chloe heartbeat ring, Jacquie Aiche initial ring(on sale!). 经常有人问我, 上班应该怎么穿呀?其实我在这方面真的经验不多。我上班是穿什么都可以的,同事们基本都穿着非常时髦,超短裤迷你裙甚至超长露背裙都是办公室里经常出现的打扮。但我个人上班反而喜欢简单一点。而且讲真哦,早上上班时间那么紧,谁还有空搭配呀。白衬衫是我上班经常穿的单品,五天里大概有三天就在穿。周一周二或有重要会议的日子我一般会选择丝质白衬衫搭配黑裤子,经典的职场打扮,不需要多想。其他日子如果我想穿得随意些,就会选择棉质白衬衫搭配牛仔裤,是不是很简单?如果觉得这样的打扮太普通,用一只漂亮手袋或者多戴些金色饰品,整体就会很有造型感啦。 I often got asked about what I wear to work. Well to be honest I really don’t have an office dress code and basically can wear whatever I want. All of my coworkers are very stylish and they would wear distressed shorts, mini skirt or maxi dress in office. But I do prefer to dress a little bit simple and formal to make myself feel professional, in which cases, a white shirt comes in handy. White silk shirts and black skinny pants are basically my work uniform especially if I have a big fat meeting on that day. This kind of outfits always have the power to keep me focused. In other days however, I would choose a white cotton shirt and jeans to create a more casual look.   Thank you for …

Summer Lace

  Another all white look from a few weeks ago. It has been abnormally chilly in LA for the recent two weeks so there’s no way I can wear an off shoulder top with a skirt like this. But boy do I miss the warm weather, and all the romantic lace pieces that come hand in hand with summer! We were actually planning on going to the beach during this memorial day weekend but since the weather is not that accommodating we probably need to change out plan. What’s your plan for the long weekend? We might go to Santa Barbara just for a little get-away. This delicate lace top  usually goes well with denim bottoms and simple sneakers, but I decided to pair it with a white skirt and heels. A look that is formal enough to go out for a decent dinner without sacrificing its romantic vibes.   Wearing: Jen’s Pirate Booty lace top, love this and this one too! Torn by Ronny Kobo skirt(Old), similar here and here. Gianvitto Rossi sandals, cheaper version here. The Row sunglasses(old), …

Power Dressing

    I’m always a big fan of high waisted jeans. They not only make your legs look twice as long but also hide your tummy perfectly. But no jeans can elongate you legs like a pair of  high waisted, wide leg pants. You can even hide whatever high your heels are(in my case, 3.5 inch) inside the wide legs and look even taller and with a much better proportion. These white pants are super summery and comfy。You can wear them with blazer and heels to create a power dressing office look like I did, or you can pair them with sandals and laid back nautical tops and you’re good to go on a cruise trip! 好爱这条阔腿裤!够高腰,也够长,即使穿了4寸高跟鞋也不会显得短。质地轻薄舒服,白色也非常符合夏天的潮流。虽然是高街平价品牌,剪裁却有大牌的影子。 如果觉得高跟鞋穿起来实在不够日常的话,搭配一双从去年火到今年的黑色拖板鞋也非常有范儿,涂上红唇戴上宽檐帽,也可以模仿下30年代女星度假的装扮。     Wearing: Zara high waisted pants:  here Topshop crop top: old, similar here and here Zara blazer:old, similar here, love this one too! Madewell heels:here Karen Walker number one sunglasses: here Saint Laurent lulu bag: medium version here Thank you for reading! 感谢大家阅读!

Playing cool

I always wanted a pair of red, not orange red, not pink red, but red red sneakers to go with all black outfits, and after a few month’s hunting, finally got these. These Nike Max Air 1 sneakers are super comfy(well that’s obvious since they’re made for running) and so stylish! You can pair them with either black jeans or a simple black leather skirt to elevate your look from chic to sporty-chic, and believe me they’re the kind of shoes that once you got in, it really takes effort to switch back to your usual flats or heels…just too comfy! On a Saturday a few weeks ago I wore them with a pair of faux leather skinny pants, a tshirt stole from my boyfriend’s closet(well, he actually doesn’t own a closet so actually a drawer), and my recent favorite bag. 运动鞋真的是非常值得投资入手的单品。买几双颜色漂亮的运动鞋,肯定比买一双大牌高跟鞋的利用率要高许多。许多时候想打扮漂亮一点,穿上高跟鞋准备出门,临了想一想今天到底要走多少路,还是别为难自己,乖乖又回去换了球鞋。这双Nike运动鞋红得够正,颜色饱满,和黑白或其他饱和度高的颜色都非常好搭配。同款还有蓝色和黑色,蓝色的也非常漂亮哦。 Adidas的T是偷穿小星的,大得非常合适,和小小的lulu包放在一起轻松自在。 Wearing: Nike air max 1 untra moire sneakers: here and here on sale! Adidas Originals mens logo tee: sold out, similar here and here Blank denim vegan leather moto pants: here Saint Laurent …