Month: August 2015

Oregon Photo Diary | 俄勒冈图记

    Wearing: Nike sports bra:Here, similar here and here. Urban Outfitters denim shorts:Here, similar here and here. Quay sunglasses: sold out, similar here. Timberland Euro hiker boots:Here Updates from our little trip to Oregon during 4th of July is finally here! I honestly love Oregon and it’s probably my favorite state in the US, that’s right, even better than Cali! Crater lake is absolutely stunning! The view there is so spectacular that no words could ever describe. The photos doesn’t really do it 10% of justice. You really have to be there to see the magnificent blueness of the lake. It’s a very small national park but definitely so worth the trip! 两个月前的独立日小假期只有短短三天,我们利用这个时间飞了一趟俄勒冈。大家对俄勒冈这个州可能不是特别熟悉,但真的是我美国最喜欢的一个州了,甚至超过加州呢。这个州的风景实在是太美啦!火山,沙漠,森林,海洋,你想看的风景地貌在这个州都可以找到。而且风土人情也是非常淳朴友善,生活节奏也相对慢一些。

Ruffled top | 清新荷叶边

Wearing: The Jetset Diaries top: Here. Similar here(on sale!), here and here(on sale only $46!). Urban Outfitters denim skirt:Here. Love this one and this one in mustard too! Isabel Marant sandals:sold out, similar here(on sale!), here and here. Madewell straw hat:sold out, love this one and this one too! Matthew Williamson sunglasses:old, similar here and here. Fendi bag Super obsessed with this ruffled top from The Jetset Diaries. It’s so light and flowy! The details of the straps definitely meet every girl’s dream.  If you are tired of all the lace and crochet summer pieces then this kind of ruffled top can be another good choice to get you through the last few days of summer. 超级喜欢这件荷叶边短上衣,夏天蕾丝镂空穿腻了,换一件这种飘逸的上衣也不错呀~尤其喜欢肩部的细节,非常少女。配上草帽,感觉抓住了夏天的尾巴!而且真的很好搭,这次配了牛仔裙,下次想搭配高腰裤试试看。

Sporty Lux | 奢侈运动风

Wearing: Nike cropped sweatshirt:Here(ON SALE!), similar here, love this one too! T by Alexander Wang leather skirt:sold out, similar here, here and here(only $45!). Karen Walker sunglasses:here and here Balenciaga cutout boots, cheaper version here and here. Chanel boy bag If I have to choose my top 5 items for daily look. Sweatshirt is definitely gonna make the list. I have collected several sweatshirts over the past few years, in simple grey/white/black colors or in patterns, and they are constantly on heavy rotation especially during fall or winter. Sweatshirt really comes in handy when you’re feeling lazy and just need to be comfy but still want to look put together. It’s an item that you can trust and always want to snug in. Wear it with fun miniskirt to finish a girly/sexy look with a little touch of sporty chic, or just with your go-to jeans and be casual, but don’t forget to add a pair of heels to tone up your whole look:-) 运动风的流行不知道从什么时候开始刮起来的,就一直没有过时过。70s的繁复风格会流行过去,有点脱离日常的复古风格也总会流行过去,但运动风真的,大概是最日常好搭轻便又时髦的一种风格了吧?人人都可以尝试。我个人觉得哦,大概是永远不会过时了。一个想法不一定对。 我真的是非常非常喜欢穿运动衫,宽大舒适非常有安全感。而且在搭配上也总能变出许多花样,有人会运动衫太过邋遢休闲,我反而觉得其实任何一件稍微带点隆重感的下装都可以和运动衫碰撞出很有趣的感觉。比如用简单的黑白灰单色运动衫搭配稍微收身的小迷你裙,上松下窄的平衡感就会很好。如果你想用运动衫搭配平时爱穿的牛仔裤也没问题,只要注意鞋子选择有些跟的款式,整体就会看起来非常利落精神了。

Slouchy Mix Sweet | 慵懒派甜美

Wearing: Lovers+Friends distressed jeans:Here. Similar here and here. Show Me Your Mumu crop top:Here(on sale now!), similar here and here. Balenciaga giant city bag:Here Ray-ban mirrored aviators:Here Zara sandals:sold out. Similar here and here.     Pairing slouchy distressed boyfriend jeans with a very sweet and girly crochet lace crop top. Love the mix of boyish and yet girly vibes! 男朋友牛仔裤的慵懒邋遢,配上一件精致镂空短上衣的甜美。穿着一身的那天其实并么有想太多也没花心思选搭配,算是随手穿上就出门了。但我非常喜欢这种男孩子气配女孩感的组合。蓝色水洗和白色蕾丝也是夏日经典搭配。你们喜欢吗?