Month: August 2015

Sweet Embroidered Dress | 甜美刺绣短裙

Wearing: Raga eyelet tunic(wearing as a dress):Here(On sale!). Other cute ones here and here. Soludos espadrilles:Here. Non-strap version here, similar here. These black ones are dreamy! Balenciaga giant city bag:Here, regular city version here. Quay sunglasses: Sold out. Similar here, here and here. I‘m wearing this pretty embroidered tunic as a dress. Who is not used to such short dress or skirt and likes to take the safer variety like me can always hide some shorts under the dress so you still feel comfortable. In my case I was wearing a pair of white denim shorts. 很喜欢这件上衣的刺绣边,精致美妙又轻松适意。这件上衣在某些网站叫上衣在某些网站叫裙子,其实确实是一个长上衣的长度,我在衣服里面有穿白色牛仔短裤算作打底,怎么活动都不怕走光啦。

Fun Statement Bags | 缤纷有趣小手包

  I have collected a few of cute little pouches over the past few years. I love to have them in different sizes and colors. They really come in handy, especially when I’m traveling. Even on a regular day, I love to keep 1 or 2 small fun small pouches in my handbag. I use them to keep my organized with my coins, my lipsticks and hand cream, my receipts that I need to keep as a record for a while, and most importantly, my snacks! They’re especially useful when I need to change from day look to a night outfit and I don’t have time to go back home and change. Just switch from my daytime tote to a cute statement clutch and I’m done! Shopbop is now having new stuff in their sale zone. All of these bags are great pieces that will really stand out, and with even greater prices! Wear them with a simple black/white outfit or go all crazy and mix your patterns! 各种包类里我尤其喜欢收集色彩绚丽,图案有趣的各式小手包。这些小包包们价钱大都不贵,也不太需要考虑牌子,见到可爱喜欢的就下手。外表可爱是一回事,实用性来说他们真的非常好用呢!我每天包里几乎都会备有一两个这种小包,可以用作化妆包,可以用来装钱和硬币,我还会把需要留着的各式收据收好在小包里。而且我特别容易低血糖,也会经常备有一个小包用来装各种零食。 更重要的是在需要转换造型的时候,这些五彩缤纷的小包包们真的可以立马站出来救场!有时需要拍照,拍了几张才发现包包和衣服不搭,没事啊咱们包里还有俩备用的呢!有时需要换成晚上的造型出去活动,却又懒得回家换衣服,直接把小包拎出来就可以走啦!有趣的图案也经常可以造成话题,成为朋友们讨论的重点呢。 Shopbop最近很多新款加入了他们的折扣区,这些是我选的可爱小包们。全部都有在打折哦!图案美好价钱更美好。每一个都是那种立马可以让你在人群里跳出来的单品。希望你们也喜欢! Click on the pics …