Month: January 2016

Travel Diary | 冬季日本10天旅行搭配

Packing can be stressful. For trips longer than three days, the choice-making process is gonna involve some hair clutching and face pouting. I know how spoiled I am by L.A. weather, so when I was preparing my trip to Japan, I was totally gonna bring some Canadian Goose jackets. I even packed thermal leggings and absolutely no dresses. None. So imagine when I saw bare legs everywhere after I landed. Pure remorse. With all seriousness though, when you’re traveling, you definitely want to make sure that you will stay warm and comfortable, and yes, I really think that’s more important than looking pretty. Bear in mind that you want to have basics in your luggage so that you could create the most looks with the least items and still look not boring and presentable. Now, let’s see what I packed with me to Japan. 冬季旅行的衣装行李准备真的可以让人非常头疼,我深有体会。衣服又厚实又大件,两件外套几件毛衣就已经占领了一半的行李箱。如果你是像我这次去日本一样,有一周以上的冬季旅行,行李箱空间真的就是寸土寸金,要好好计划安排呢。不管你再怎么爱美,出门在外最重要的还是舒适轻松。衣装轻便,鞋子好走,这是首要条件。冬季时还要再加一条保暖。 我去之前查日本天气,基本都是3-8度的样子,10度以下的天气是什么概念啊?长居LA的我已经摸不准了,我想应该是很冷,大概需要穿一件加拿大鹅。所以我这次出去玩儿带的全部都是裤装,秋裤秋衣都带上了。到了那边才发现根本没有那么冷,除了有一天在箱根下雨真的感觉到了冷。其他大部分时间都是暖阳和煦,白天在阳光下甚至都穿不到大衣。光腿的姑娘到处都是,我也很后悔没带一条裙子。 如果你不想提着两个大箱子四处转机,那每件单品至少要能和其他单品重复搭配三次以上。百搭单品都比较基础,不怎么出挑,我懂,但出门在外不比在家里,能做到看起来舒服顺眼得体就很好了。 下面先讲讲我带的单品list。 毛衣(5件) Madewell striped sweater, Everlane white sweater, BLK DNM pink sweater(sold out, similar here or here), Topshop cable knit(sold out, similar here or here), Topshop orange sweater(sold out, similar here or here). Items with strips are …

Wedding dress: Effortless chic|时髦随意又清新的平价小众婚纱

Girls, tell me what’s your dream wedding like? Yes, many of us might plan to get married only once in our lifetime. Surely we want the wedding to be perfect. Only a wedding dress by Vera Wang, Pronovias, Carolina Herrera, etc. could deserve a beautiful bride like you and me, but as gorgeous and magical as their wedding dresses are, they definitely cost a lot. Do we really wanna invest in something that we know we are only gonna wear it once and after that one special time, it’s just gonna be hanging there in the closet? For forever? Bearing that question in mind, today I want to talk about some inexpensive but infinitely chic wedding dresses that — wait for it — you could wear more than once in your day-to-day scene! Don’t believe me? Read on. 不知道大家梦想中的婚纱是什么样子的? 传统的婚纱品牌比如大家都知道的Vera Wang,Pronovias,Carolina Herrera等, 确实是非常漂亮又高级, 每一件穿上都像童话里的公主一样美。但看多了难免审美疲劳,觉得婚纱大致不过那么几种呢,变化都不会太多。而且这些高级婚纱品牌的价格都不太便宜,虽说是一辈子只有一次的事,但一件婚纱只穿一次,日后就放在更衣室里,既要花精力打理保存,又占衣橱空间,真的要花上几万几十万买高级婚纱吗?相信很多MM们也有类似的疑问吧。 今天就给大家介绍最时髦,又不贵,而且还可以反复穿甚至作为日常着装的婚纱!保证让你做一个最美又特别的新娘。 其实越来越多走在时尚尖端的明星和时尚博主们也开始摒弃传统婚纱,用平时就可以穿的稍微正式一点的白裙甚至白色连体裤当作婚礼着装,大都很别致又时髦。下面我们来看看哪些品牌或电商有推出婚礼系列,直接点击品牌名或者单品名称就可以到单品页面。 1. Free People Their wedding line continues the romantic Bohemian look: free and pure. If you plan to have a ceremony that’s set outdoor, their wedding dresses are amazing. Also: a …

Winter Outfit Recap | 11-12月的8套冬日日常搭配

Hi girls, how’s your weekend? I hope Monday isn’t treating you guys too bad. Read on and maybe it will help you with your Monday blues! Today I want to show you guys some of my weekend outfits. So for these, it’s more like I wake up and I go into my closet and I throw stuff on and I’m out of the door; I didn’t spend a ton of time thinking. But the end result is surprisingly not always disaster (I hope)! In L.A., it’s usually something around 60 degrees during the day, so a tee and a coat will suffice. For those who are enduring long and bitter winters, sorry! Just keep in mind: Spring is around the corner! Pictures taken with iPhone. 大家好呀!周一了呢,有没有blue。我这边现在是周日晚上,已经隐隐感觉到下一周的杀气。周末过得也太快了啦。 我平时除了周末会尽量穿漂亮些,带上单反出去拍一次outfit。而更多时候是匆匆出门,懒得想也没时间想搭配。好在衣橱基础款居多,随手套上几件也不至于太不得体。有时喜欢自己今天的穿搭,就再用iPhone记录一下当天的ootd。 这一篇就是一些平日里的简单穿搭,得闲时用iPhone随手拍的图。 冬天的LA,最冷的晚上也不过是六七度的样子。白天更是阳光和煦,大部分时间都是15-20度上下,一件单衣加一件薄外套就可以过冬。大概身在LA,我的冬日穿搭对于住在北方的姑娘们参考价值不太大吧,大家随便看看图,开心就好。   Look 1

ASOS Wish List | ASOS年初心愿清单

Hey girls, how’s your weekend? Although it is hard to say goodbye to the holiday season and see the sales go, let’s remind ourselves that spring is around the corner! If you’re like me, who adores the spring collections springing up everywhere but the affection for fall and winter wear still lingers on, you will like what I’m about to say. I found myself browsing ASOS these days and I have to say, they have a lot of interesting, inexpensive stuff that really draws my attention. Today, I’m sharing some of the things that have caught my eye. Hope you guys enjoy! *Click the title to go to item page. 大家好呀,经过了年底几轮疯狂不理智的折扣战争,大家现在有没有缓过劲儿来?准备好整装重发了没有。 毕竟虽然对于欧美姑娘们,holiday season已经是踏踏实实告一段落了。但对于在国内的宝宝们,还有春节这等密集见人密集Party的重大假日值得好好再置一回装啊。 而我,就是处在一个打折季时已经买了足够多的冬衣穿不完,但总还是忍不住想四处看看有没有其他美丽物件的阶段。而钱包剩下的票子实在已经不多,真的也不想再花大价钱买入各大奢侈电商推出的春季名牌新款。就是一个随意买几件,轻松,随性,chill,满足一下购物瘾,又不要真伤到钱包的这样一个购物心情。 这种时候购物的最佳选择就是ASOS了吧。品牌多,定位前沿时髦,carry许多独家才有的小众有趣牌子,款式漂亮年轻,价格又大多都非常亲民。选择实在是又多又广,最近几天总是在逛它。 今天就和大家分享一下我在ASOS逛了几天后私人收藏和已经下单了的好看单品。考虑到有的姑娘们还有公司年会尾牙的需要,也加入了一些我喜欢的party装和适合过年穿的漂亮衣服。 即使你没有公司年会,不需要穿小洋装和大红外套,过年也总是精精神神崭新又靓丽得好。 单品名称就是链接啦,另外括号里是单品的货号,方便大家查找。 Coats and Jackets 大衣篇: 1. Lost Ink suede belted trench Suede stays on everyone’s fav list, and looks like it’s gonna be on that list for a while. A suede trench will really get your fashion game on. And essentially, it’s a trench, nothing too crazy. 15年大热的麂皮,看现在的热度至少还会延续到16年春天呢,而麂皮外套比短裙或靴款来得更时髦。如果你怕麂皮外套太过edgy不够好搭,那可以选这一件经典剪裁的风衣款,腰带设计适合任何身形,直接当风衣搭就没问题啦。

One Coat Two Ways | 拼色大衣的冬季重复搭配

It was love at first sight. Believe me, a really good color block coat is not that easy to come around. This Topshop coat really pops out because of its use of colors: camel and black set the ground; red highlights. A simple and elegant design goes a long way. Also: Kudos to Topshop Fall and Winter collections. I actually don’t get a lot of stuff at Topshop, but I love their fall and winter sweaters, coats and jackets. Considering the friendly price tags, it’s usually a good deal, quality-wise. Soft. Warm, at least for L.A. winters. Today, I’m gonna show you guys how I style this one coat in two different ways that are really easy and fun! 好看的拼色大衣不太多见,今年秋冬一见到这件Topshop拼色大衣,就立马决定要买下来。剪裁很简洁,线条明朗,用驼色和黑色做基调,再加入一点点红色,非常惹眼帅气。虽然是玩儿colorblock,但使用的颜色都是衣柜基础色,所以在拼色届真的算是非常好搭了。 题外多说一句,Topshop的衣服我平时买的不算多,但每逢秋冬季却是一定要去挑上几件大衣和毛衣的。他家的毛衣总有几款非常好穿,厚实又柔软,相对于价格来说非常良心。大衣则基本都是简洁时髦又带一点特别,虽然受价格限制材质都不会非常精良,但反正厚度都是LA穿刚刚好。 LOOK 1: Wearing: Topshop coat:sold out, similar here and here, love this one too. Sam Edelman leopard ankle boots: here(on sale with 50% off!) Topshop jeans: here, similar here and here. Rag & Bone/Jean white tee: here, similar here, here and here. Grey Ant sunglasses: blue version here (I actually like this color so much better!) Celine box bag