Month: February 2016

Weddings in Red | 婚礼少不了的一抹红

Red, a symbol of passion and love, is the color for happy occasions like weddings. In Chinese culture, it’s also a tradition for the bride to wear red at the wedding ceremony. Today, I’m sharing with you guys some of my favorites. Get excited! *Click on the item title to buy. 今天的专题又是婚礼栏目哦!开不开心。 我本来以为Style Me Pretty这个栏目,受众应该是比较小的一群,毕竟谁那么刚好也在准备婚礼啊? 没想到,还挺多人的。Style Me Pretty目前一共只写了两三篇,简直篇篇都超级受欢迎。 想来我的读者粉丝们应该年龄层也都差不多吧?都在一个轻熟的美妙年纪,梦想着筹划着自己或远或近的完美婚礼。 过几年大家会不会也在这里一起聊妈妈经呢?一起成长经历人生的感觉应该会很棒吧。 今天就先轻松推荐一下红色的礼服裙。 敬酒服也好,reception dress也好,穿去领证也好,中国人的婚礼再西式,也总少不了这一抹红色。即使是美国人的婚礼,在仪式过后,也常常会换下婚纱,选一条艳丽的红色礼服在晚宴中出场,跳起舞来既轻便又风情。 我自己婚礼之前就看了不少红色的礼服,拍婚纱照,穿去见长辈,婚礼敬酒,为了应对不同场合陆续也买了几条。今天除了写一点我自己的经验,也又去看了看各大品牌网站的更新,分不同价位选了好看的礼服推荐给大家。 直接点击单品标题就可以转入页面购买。 Under $1,000 1000刀以下 1. LOVER

Bags Addiction | 千元级轻奢美包搭配+推荐

Chinese lunar new year is officially over. Insert sad face emoji. But on the brighter side, spring, some might even argue—summer, is also here! The weather has cleared up quite a bit in L.A. — great time to be outside, which means: new outfits! Today, I’m sharing three looks highlighting some adorable mid-range handbags. 陆续发过了几次包包专题,大家的反响还都比较强烈,但也常常有人在后台问我,有没有千元级,学生和职场新人比较负担得起的包包推荐呢。 当然有啦!虽然我还蛮爱买大牌包,但千元级的好看包包我也常常会入手,背起来一样觉得很喜欢,除了少了一点虚荣感,使用和搭配上完全和奢侈品牌包包没什么区别。 今天穿衣记就是以千元级包包为主题,来分享三套近期搭配。   Look 1 Wearing: Rebecca Minkoff mini mab tote: here(Worldwide) and here(for China specifically). Bronx and Banco dress: sold out, similar here, here and here. Rag&Bone coat: here or here (on sale!). Prada heels: old, similar here or here , more affordable version here . The Row sunglasses: sold out, similar here or here.

Endless Pastels|天真烂漫 粉蓝配

Pastel colors can help create amazing romantic day looks that are perfect for a date, school or meeting friends for lunch. But pastel on pastel — now we are talking about serious fun time! And it’s super easy. Here I am pairing a pastel pink coat with a pastel blue sweater. Don’t you just love the Cinderella’s ball gown kind of blue and the muted bubble gum pink? I love them respectively but even more so as a pair! The sweetness of the feminine pastel colors are perfectly balanced by the oversize cut and chunky look. It must be true that colors affect our moods because wearing these colors really brightens up my day. 关于蜡笔色单品,刚刚开公众号时就写过一篇《冬日柔和蜡笔色》,菜单栏“穿衣记”里有这一篇,有兴趣可以去看看。 当时的Outfits不过是蓝色大衣配同样是冰蓝色的阔腿裤,再加上白色单品,很干净。 蜡笔色单品如果和基础色系搭在一起,虽说色调柔和养眼,但怎么也跳脱不出日常,穿出去聚餐逛街,上学约会都合理。上一套搭配就是这样的路数。 但如果你和我一样,偶尔会厌倦日常基础的着装,想疯一点,惹眼一些,可以尝试一下两种蜡笔色系的撞色搭配。比如下面这套粉红撞粉蓝,就很不日常很高调哦。 Wearing: RAEY coat (old, similar here and here) Topshop cable knit (sold out, similar here or here) Urban Outfitters denim skirt: (here, similar here and here) Bionda Castana heels (sold out, love this one and this one too!) Charlotte Olympia clutch (old, similar here) Urban Outfitters beanie (sold out, similar here, here and here) Markus Lupfer sunglasses.

Favoriates&Wish List| 私人1月爱用小物&2月Wish List分享

It’s the first day of a new month of a new-ish year. How are you guys doing? I was spinning from home to work to our new home and back to more work with a million tasks on my to-do list. It was crazy! So I thought I could share a few things with you; things that have kept me in balance and things that motivate me to get up every morning! First thing first, here are some of my January favorites. 大家好呀,想没想到,2016年已经到了2月了呢!可怕不可怕! 今天想开一个新的栏目,每月和大家分享下我上个月最爱用/爱穿的单品和小物,也不只局限于衣服了,护肤家居饰品随身小件都可能有哦! 回顾下过去,另外再展望下未来,再跟大家分享下我这个月的wish list,心里有美物惦记着,工作才更有动力啊。 首先来讲1月爱用小物! 12月底刚刚从日本回来,堆积的工作一大堆。本职工作本身已经很忙了,下班还要整理照片,赶稿,为品牌拍照,处理新房子的各种杂事,搬家也是迫在眉睫。可以说过去的一个月忙得忘乎所以。疯狂忙碌的日子里,哪里还有什么心思悠闲浪漫地保养或费劲心思想搭配,最最耐用便捷,省时省力又用着踏实安心的小物,才是最贴心最实际的。所以1月爱用小物全部都是实用款。 1. Bottle ORB便携加湿器  This thing! No bigger than a ping-pong ball, perfectly portable, and guarantee to produce fine mist at your workplace or on your desktop. In a place like L.A., it can get quite dry sometimes. This humidifier, being so tiny and cute, will certainly help. I got mine at Tokyu Hands when I was in Japan. What you do is to just place it on top of a cup of water, and it will do magic to the air! Very quietly! LA的空气一向出了名的干燥。而最近可能是睡眠不足+工作量大,感觉皮肤尤其干,在办公室的下午恨不得当场敷一个面膜。 在日本tokyu hands买了几个不同类型的加湿器,其中这个最小最便携,小小一个圆球比乒乓球大一点点。但却超级好用,只要沾湿自带的棉棒,随便找一个杯子甚至矿泉水瓶,往上一放就可以为空气加湿。有蓝红白三种颜色,我买了干净的白色。