Month: March 2016

Back to Basics| 必买基础款品牌Everlane 6套搭配全记录以及单品推荐

I used to like a blogger a lot 5 or 6 years ago. She stopped updating, which is a shame, but from her blog, I became familiar with Everlane, which was just starting at that time. Although they had only a few basic tees for pre-order on their website, the minimalism has left me a very good impression. One thing that’s most talked about is Everlane’s openness to disclose information that most retail conveniently keep away from public view. For example, if you scroll down the page, you could see how much materials, labor, transport, etc. cost to make a Poplin shirt. While traditional retail would mark up the price as high as $145, Everlane charges, with complete honesty, a $65. 今天想和大家聊一下最近最爱的基础款品牌Everlane。 Everlane这个牌子,其实我在品牌刚成立时就听说了,大概是10还是11年吧,当时很喜欢的一个blogger(博客是blushing ambition, 现在不怎么更新了)本科毕业跑去了Everlane做PR,从她博客里知道这个牌子的存在的。当时品牌刚起步,点进网站也不过是只有几件纯色基础款T在预售,简单干净,让人一看就很有好感。 之后几年就渐渐听到周围越来越多关于Everlane的讨论。这个牌子最有意思的一点大概就是整个生产过程费用完全透明,主打的理念就是’know your factories, know your cost, always ask why’。 其中最让人津津乐道的,大概就是know your cost这一点。品牌每个单品页面都会列出生产过程中每一项的费用。 比如下面这一件白色棉质衬衫,售价为65刀。 拉到页面下方,你就能看到生产过程的每一项cost。总体true cost是28刀,传统零售业会mark up为140刀售价,而Everlane只售65刀。 To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be so good when I got my first order from Everlane. I picked up some sweater, each costs around a hundred bucks, of supreme quality. Have all you could ask for …

Wishlist | REVOLVE中国区全场8折 心愿清单及单品推荐

  Revolve今天开始中国区全场八折活动了哦!折扣码简单粗暴,在结算时输入‘我要八折’就可以了。中国官网页面点这里。 活动仅限中国地区(包括香港台湾澳门)参加,到3/24晚上23:59分结束,只有两天时间呢。 (不参加活动的品牌名单:Acacia Swimwear, Alice + Olivia, A.L.C., Ash, Canada Goose, Citizens of Humanity, Common Projects, Diane von Furstenberg, Elizabeth & James, Hudson, J Brand, Joie, Love Moschino, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mason by Michelle Mason, M Missoni, Paige, Public School, Rag & Bone/Jean, 7 for All Mankind, Soft Joie, Stuart Weitzman, T by Alexander Wang, Theory, Vince, Wolverine.) 我个人是非常喜欢REVOLVE这个电商平台,整体风格相比起其他同类型电商平台更加浪漫随性,非常年轻化又时髦,而且carry许多小众的独立设计师品牌。服务质量也是top notch,买满100刀就免费直运国内,可以使用支付宝,而且还有在线的中文客服可以问问题,非常省心。 Revolve也Carry了上百个品牌,大家翻看起来不一定方便,有时想花钱也不知道买啥好对不对?今天照惯例,总结了我的心愿清单,翻遍全网挑选了我喜欢的单品,给大家做一个参考。 和往常一样,品牌名称就是品牌页面链接,直接点击图片就可以连到单品页面啦!超方便的。 首先是我的爱买品牌 1. Tularosa 最近超级喜欢的一个加州海滩风品牌,很多好莱坞明星也都有在穿哦。在Revolve上款式最全。露肩连衣裙我买了好几件,穿上就仿佛有海风拂过,心情非常轻松。春天都到啦,夏日还远吗?  

One Item Multiple Ways: Denim Skirt | 春夏必备牛仔半裙

I’ve had this denim button-front skirt from Urban Outfitters since last summer. It appeared in my outfits numerous times. I meant, eight times. Okay, just consider how much my closet has grown. So really, eight times is numerous. I meant, a lot. It is a truly versatile item. The simple A-line skirt with nostalgic front buttons has companied me from summer throughout winter.  Let’s take a look at how I varied my eight looks with one denim item today! 去年初夏时在Urban Outfitters买了一条牛仔半裙,也不贵,就几十刀。没想到超级百搭又好穿,流行的前排扣复古高腰设计,中度洗水的牛仔蓝青春洋溢。我从夏天一直穿到冬天,搭配出镜了许多许多次(也就8次)。 下面就是我的8套搭配啦!8套其实很多了我觉得。毕竟我衣服真的蛮多,一件衣服能出镜三次已经算是宠妃了。可见这一条牛仔裙的百搭和不可替代。 以时间顺序来放搭配,也能看到这一条裙子的从夏入秋,再入冬的搭配变化,给大家参考。 Look 1, May 2015

Wishlist | Shopbop全场最高七五折 私人心愿清单和单品推荐

Shopbop‘s first of its two annual sale events is on! I believe that by now, we have all learned our credit card payment info by heart. For people who tend to get lost in the ocean of equally amazing deals, I’m here to help you. Spend $250 to save 15%; Spend $500 to save 20%; Spend $1,000 to save 25%. With code: BIGEVENT16 A few exceptions: Canada Goose, Kate Spade New York, Hanky Panky and few others, which will be marked on the item page. 又到了每年两次Shopbop全场满减活动的时候啦!嘿嘿,一年两次钱包开开心心大出血。 这次的活动来得还蛮及时的呢,春天刚刚开始,春夏季的美貌单品都在纷纷上市,wishlist已经长得一眼望不到边儿,购物欲也是一直蹭蹭往上涨。你说这折扣来得是不是时候。 这一次的活动也是基本所有品牌都参加,折扣tier如下: 满250美元享八五折, 满500美元享八折,满1000美元享七五折。 折扣码BIGEVENT16。 不参加的品牌只有三个: Canada Goose, Kate Spade New York, Hanky Panky,以及一些单品不参加活动的,会在单品页面标示出来。 下面就是我个人喜欢的单品分享啦!给想花钱又不知道买什么好的你们一点灵感吧。Shopbop carry的品牌真的太多了,我抛砖引玉一下。