Month: June 2016

Summer Bags | 35度周末 清爽小众包包穿搭录

It is. So. HOT! Last week took a unexpected turn: I was wearing a sweater on Wednesday, and on Saturday, it was in the 90s. Great. My car kept screaming “heating alert” at me. Let’s just say it took me a lot of deep breath to not go crazy in the middle of the highway. When the weather is hot like this, I just want to lie down next to a chilled soda and do nothing —— People can dream. But if you have to get out of air conditioning and into the sun, I do have some ideas on what to wear and how to accessorize. A cool, breezy, clean summer look, now who would decline that? LA的天气太鬼畜,周三时我还在穿毛衣,周六气温就直接飙升到了36度。开车时系统不断冒出提醒:excessive heating alert!#疯了 记得小时候看过的一本书里描写女主角,讲夏日炎炎,男生无意间望见一个女孩子穿着白色连衣裙,浑身清爽,不出油不冒汗,如雪碧般晶晶亮透心凉,仿佛世间炎热纷扰都与她无关。类似这样的一个玛丽苏情节,不知道为啥给我印象就很深。苏归苏,但试问谁又不想做这样一个清丽出尘,永远爽洁干净的夏日少女呢? 天气热的时候,因为搭配选择少,才更要在衣裙的颜色式样以及小物的选择搭配上多费心机。今天的穿衣记呢,就写一写我在30多度的日子里,穿什么衣服背什么包。来看看我过去一个周末的两套搭配(不能说是搭配了其实,只能说是穿衣),并且推荐几个适合盛夏的小包给大家吧。   Look 1 Wearing:  Lovers + Friends dress: here, skirt version here, off shoulder romper version here Lovers + Friends denim jacket: here. Love this one too! Jeffrey Campbell sandals: old, similar here, here or here (50% off!) This pair of knockoffs are only $34.9! Chloe sunglasses: here or here Heirloom bag: here, similar here

Shopbop Wishlist | Shopbop折扣区额外七五折活动心愿清单

Shopbop is taking 25% off everything on sale with international shipping. Click here, and the code is 25EXTRA. Hurry up before it ends on midnight Friday (Pacific Time)! Here are some of the things I found on my way. Everybody knows it’s really good deals with the sales and the extra 25% off, so as we speak, cute dresses and summer sandals are going away very quickly. Don’t miss out! Just click on the item and it will automatically take you to the site. Happy shopping! Shopbop折扣区额外七五折了呢,折扣区点这里,Code: 25EXTRA。美西时间24号晚上12点结束。 直邮全球,买满300刀可以直邮国内。 折扣区很多单品本身就是半价啊,四折的样子,再叠加七五折真的超级便宜了。分类选了些我喜欢的单品出来,只是在写这篇文章的过程中应该很多单品就渐渐sold out吧。大家下手要快哦! 直接点击单品图片就可以跳转购买啦!很方便的。 Clothing: here Love Sam: here Tularosa: here  Club Monaco: here Free People: here Vince: here Kendall + Kylie: here Alice + Olivia: here Tibi: here Elizabeth and James: here Dresses: here Tops: here Bags: here 1. Cambridge Satchel: here 2. Sophie Hulme: here

Marvelous Mules | 穆勒鞋的前世今生

I had no idea! I got a pair of Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s blue mules early April, thinking, apparently these are what’s hot in the fashion world, oh well. But now I can’t take them off! I wear them to work, to shop, to weekend trips … almost to sleep. They are much more comfortable than heels (duh). Especially for people who are not very used to the idea of walking in heels all day and night, they are just wonderful. 四月初时,买了一双Maryam Nassir Zadeh的深蓝色麂皮Mules。 本来只是想着作为一个时尚博主,并没有一双穆勒鞋?不太成体统,也是买个新鲜。 没想到哦,穿上后真的太喜欢,连续穿了许多次。上班,逛街,周末出游,时时都在穿。一双高跟Mules既有春夏风情,又带有浓浓的复古韵味。我不是习惯穿高跟鞋的人(毕竟身高已然174),但这双Mules即使跟高3.5寸,粗跟依然很好走,非常舒适自在。 整理了一下,两个月内单是相机记录下来的搭配就有六套呢。能不能感受到我对这一双Mules的宠爱? 可以说是爱屋及乌吧,现在整个儿对Mules这种鞋款都非常热爱非常感兴趣了。 今天就来总结下我的六套搭配,也聊一下穆勒鞋的选择和推荐,以及历史冷知识。   History   Mule is French. See them as a kind of slippers that people used to wear. They can be with or without heels. People wore them indoors and they were very popular since the 18th century, but in the 20th century, mules began to have a reputation of being worn mostly by sex workers. 穆勒鞋这种鞋款,虽然看似是近几年才流行起来的,但其实历史蛮悠久也很有趣,要不怎么说是复古鞋款呢。Mule本身是一个法语词汇,原意指的是露出后脚跟,前面包住不露趾的一种鞋款,可高跟可平底。高跟款式大概就是我们现在说的Clogs吧,Clogs前几年也稍微流行过一阵子。 See how they most likely to hide the toes, unlike today’s mules? Mules呢,其实早在18世纪就已经开始流行起来了,但当时的流行是作为一种高跟居家鞋穿。在20世纪初时,在性工作者群体中变得非常受欢迎。导致穆勒鞋一度名声并不是很美丽,仿佛是性工作者专属。#有点类似于今天的渔网袜和小皮鞭吧我猜# 早期的穆勒鞋,不露趾。虽然现在看有点怪,但也可以体会到这种鞋款当时的繁复华丽。 Then it was okay to wear them again because Marilyn Monroe made them a hit back in the day. …

Looking Fab at Every Age | 时尚无关年龄

Society tells us a lot of things. Some of the things are good info, some are instructional, some are barely bearable. However, any person with a decent amount of cool would not disagree, that they are, sometimes, a bunch of noises. Like, what a person should wear and not wear at a certain age, or what a person should be doing when s/he is how old, or what is fashion, what is beauty, what is success, blah, blah, blah. But the person who tells you what to wear, what to do, what to dream — essentially who you are — should be YOU and only you. Am I right? The inspiration was overwhelming when I met the following wonderful, wonderful human beings at the Reward Style Conference in Dallas last month. They are beautiful, powerful women. They are freaking goddesses! I was so moonstruck that I felt like an awkward teenager when I went up to them and introduced myself. I followed up with them after the conference and asked them a few questions because I really believe their …