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Office Attire


Free People shirt (Sold out, similar here and here), Lovers+Friends jeans,  Acne Studios ankle boots,  Saint Laurent sac de jour carryall bag, Grey Ant sunglasses.

Accessories: Elizabeth and James cuff bracelet, Vita Fede titan bracelet, Sarah Chloe heartbeat ring, Jacquie Aiche initial ring(on sale!).

经常有人问我, 上班应该怎么穿呀?其实我在这方面真的经验不多。我上班是穿什么都可以的,同事们基本都穿着非常时髦,超短裤迷你裙甚至超长露背裙都是办公室里经常出现的打扮。但我个人上班反而喜欢简单一点。而且讲真哦,早上上班时间那么紧,谁还有空搭配呀。白衬衫是我上班经常穿的单品,五天里大概有三天就在穿。周一周二或有重要会议的日子我一般会选择丝质白衬衫搭配黑裤子,经典的职场打扮,不需要多想。其他日子如果我想穿得随意些,就会选择棉质白衬衫搭配牛仔裤,是不是很简单?如果觉得这样的打扮太普通,用一只漂亮手袋或者多戴些金色饰品,整体就会很有造型感啦。

I often got asked about what I wear to work. Well to be honest I really don’t have an office dress code and basically can wear whatever I want. All of my coworkers are very stylish and they would wear distressed shorts, mini skirt or maxi dress in office. But I do prefer to dress a little bit simple and formal to make myself feel professional, in which cases, a white shirt comes in handy. White silk shirts and black skinny pants are basically my work uniform especially if I have a big fat meeting on that day. This kind of outfits always have the power to keep me focused. In other days however, I would choose a white cotton shirt and jeans to create a more casual look.









Thank you for reading! 感谢大家阅读!


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