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Endless Pastels|天真烂漫 粉蓝配

Pastel colors can help create amazing romantic day looks that are perfect for a date, school or meeting friends for lunch. But pastel on pastel — now we are talking about serious fun time!

And it’s super easy. Here I am pairing a pastel pink coat with a pastel blue sweater. Don’t you just love the Cinderella’s ball gown kind of blue and the muted bubble gum pink? I love them respectively but even more so as a pair! The sweetness of the feminine pastel colors are perfectly balanced by the oversize cut and chunky look. It must be true that colors affect our moods because wearing these colors really brightens up my day.






RAEY coat (old, similar here and here)

Topshop cable knit (sold out, similar here or here)

Urban Outfitters denim skirt: (here, similar here and here)

Bionda Castana heels (sold out, love this one and this one too!)

Charlotte Olympia clutch (old, similar here)

Urban Outfitters beanie (sold out, similar here, here and here)

Markus Lupfer sunglasses.



蓝色毛衣则是cable knit,非常厚实保暖,粗粗的麻花针织本身看起来就很温暖舒适。长度和剪裁是带点chunky的偏短+一点点宽大设计,粗粗笨笨的,反而有种让人立马想躲进去的别样萌感。

I have this cable knit beanie to go with the sweater. They are the exact same color and texture, which is adorable! I really like the youthful, carefree look. I’m wearing a blue denim skirt and I’m obsessed with it. It costs me about $50, and I have only been styling it for the hundredth time?

One day. One day, I will devote an entire blog post about this most lovely, wonderful thing.

在网上看到了同样颜色的针织帽子,也超可爱,就买来配成一套。针织帽本身就非常减龄,这种baby blue还带有节日气息,正好这一身是圣诞节去日本前一天穿的。


Now, I can’t stress enough: adding this panda clutch (by Charlotte Olympia 2014) is key to the look because basics such as black and white among rolling hills of pastel colors will really pop, freshening up your whole look with just one touch.

小物方面,包包是Charlotte Olympia前年出的熊猫手包,配合了整体的活泼。同时这一点点的黑与白是非常重要的哦,可以稍微调和一点蜡笔色系的甜腻,让搭配看起来更清爽干净一些。


To add more fun, as if I were not having enough already, I have on this pink pair of sunglasses by Markus Lupfer that’s shaped like flower blossom. They also echo with my pink coat.

墨镜则是之前在《三个欧洲小众趣味潮牌》(回复关键词‘品牌’可以阅读)里介绍过的Markus Lupfer 花朵粉色墨镜,也有趣味性,又和粉色大衣呼应。

As for shoes, I’m going for more sophisticated elements to avoid looking like a giant walking infant baby because of all the pastel layers. They still have that beautiful shade of blue but are matched with black in a zigzag pattern. Along with the mesh interweaving between the two colors, this blissfully romantic look is finally complete.



Thank you for reading!感谢大家阅读!

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