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Olympic Photo Diary | 长周末三日 Olympic国家公园游记 + 穿搭录

This passed long weekend, some friends and I went to the Olympic National Park in Seattle. We had the greatest time! It was so beautiful, and hiking left us all useless for a few days but all the same time super happy and healthy.

I thought today I could share how I packed for the trip and the looks that are both practical AND chic for a moderate hike in the mountains; some tips and tricks for you lovely ladies.

7月的第一个周末,我们去了西雅图Olympic National Park。




I packed two leggings, three tank tops, two tees, two sports bras and a jacket. I have my hiking shoes and laptop in my backpack. And that is it!




Sunglasses I just got from Quay. They are very lightweight and require lower maintenance. Last thing you want when you’re out there on the hiking trail is to worry about dropping them on a rock or, worse, losing them.

墨镜是在平价墨镜推荐 | 花小钱也可以拥有时髦新鲜的夏天中推荐的Quay,是的没错写完这一篇我自己就去买了两幅。去徒步爬山时带非常合适,轻便无负担又抗造,怎么磨擦摔打也不心疼。关键也够有型。


Day 1, Saturday




T by Alexander Wang tank: here

Minkpink sports bra: here

Track & Bliss leggings: here, similar here or here

Quay sunglasses: here or here

 Topshop bomber jacket: here, different color here

Timberland boots: here

I came up with a formula for the hiking trip way ahead of time because I have my mind set — I want to challenge myself and have my body worked out, and that equals:

Sports leggings + sports bra + a tank top + hiking shoes


运动Leggings + 运动Bra + 外罩小背心 + 专业登山鞋


This formula is cut down to the minimum of what you need on a moderate hike. You don’t want to be carrying stuff you don’t absolutely need because they would just be an absolute drag later.

If it gets hot, just take off the tank top and wear the sports bra as the top.


12 13

The scenery was just astounding.




Break time, selfie time.

16 17

18 19



Day 2, Sunday



Wilt tank: here

Varley sports bra: here

Nike leggings: here

Quay sunglasses: here

Timberland boots: here

On the second day, we were deep in the forest. There wasn’t much elevation as the day before, and shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I was crawling towards the end.

Still applying that formula of mine: leggings + sports bra + a tank top.

第二天的行程是去走雨林,路程计划是16公里左右。虽然大部分都是平路,elevation没有前一天高,但也够我累的了。几乎没有什么多余力气拍照,随便看看吧。还是Leggings + 运动Bra(没有露出来) + 背心的穿搭公式。



Day 3, Monday


Everlane trench coat: here

Everlane pants: here

Everlane leather shoes: here

Everlane backpack: here

Feel the Piece white t-shirt: here, similar here or here

Quay sunglasses: here or here

We woke up in pain. After two days of extensive hiking, we were sore all over, could not walk. Our original plan was to hit the park again, instead, we had a relaxing breakfast at the cabin and then drove to Seattle to see some old friends. And off we went to the airport.


Because I came directly from work, so I picked something that’s appropriate for the office setting but also comfortable for travel.


It says track pants, but they are made of wool instead of cotton and have a suit pants design. No need to mention how soft and comfy they are! Elasticized waist, zip at the ankle, pull, zip and go!

Everlane的Go weave track pants,刚开始看到是track pants,还以为是运动裤型,但拿到手才发现是纯羊毛质地,面料剪裁都是西装裤的感觉,但舒适度却和运动裤没有两样。弹性腰围,裤脚带有拉链,可以说是蛮完美的一条通勤裤装了,pull, zip and go。穿上就可以轻松自如在都市穿梭的感觉。


Thank you for reading! 感谢大家阅读!

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