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Oregon Photo Diary | 俄勒冈图记





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Updates from our little trip to Oregon during 4th of July is finally here! I honestly love Oregon and it’s probably my favorite state in the US, that’s right, even better than Cali!

Crater lake is absolutely stunning! The view there is so spectacular that no words could ever describe. The photos doesn’t really do it 10% of justice. You really have to be there to see the magnificent blueness of the lake. It’s a very small national park but definitely so worth the trip!


IMG_1845 IMG_1848

If you like hiking then you can either go up on the mountain and get a much better view of the whole lake or you can go down and take a boat tour. We didn’t have enough time to do both so we chose hiking up. It was a 4 hour round trip hiking trial and the view was soooo beautiful along the way. Well worth the sweat! Next time we go there we’ll definitely try the boat tour cause I heard it’s super fun too! You can actually swim in the lake! How cool would that be swiming in a lake with such blazing blueness?

If you don’t enjoy hiking or boating that much then a ride along the rim of the lake would give you gorgeous view too. Trust me this is not a place to be missed!

Crater Lake国家公园我很早就非常想去了,是真的很美很美。随手一拍就是非常无敌的蓝色。照片拍的比较马虎,真的要亲眼看到才能感受到那种摄魂般的蓝色。



IMG_1857 IMG_1850




IMG_1864IMG_1855  IMG_0557

IMG_1852 IMG_1849


Thank you for reading!感谢大家阅读!

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