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7 Fall Essentials | 秋日衣橱必备7大单品

It’s officially fall time! Have you got your wardrobe ready yet? Here’re 7 fall essentials that I think well worth investing in, and for each style I hand picked 5-6 items that I really love. They’re all very versatile and classic pieces that can be wore for a few  years and still look good. You can never go wrong with these!

秋天正式来啦!连LA都开始有点降温了呢(虽然周末又有heat wave)。最关键的,大家的衣橱都准备好了吗?


Click on the pic and it’ll direct you to the item page! 点击图片可以直接购买哦。

Leather Jackets 机车皮衣

I simply can’t imagine a wardrobe without a leather jacket. It’s so chic and cool and adds a luxe touch to every outfits.


Trench Coats 风衣

Need I say more?


Striped Tops 条纹上衣

Striped tops are actually even more versatile than single color tops. I have like tens of them and still want more.



Ankle Boots 踝靴

White Shirts 白衬衫


Black Denims 黑色牛仔裤

White shirt with black denim – My all time favorite! So classy and effortless.


Leopard flats 豹纹平底鞋

If you think all of the above are too classic and maybe a little plain, then a pair of leopard flats will definitely make you stand out of the crowd. It’s comfy, casual and yet sexy in a cool way! Definitely will be a fun element in your black/white outfits.


感谢大家阅读!Thank you for reading!

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